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What Values does Lautus stand for?

Quality, family, authenticity.

How does the de-alcolisation process work? 

Please hop to our “Our Story" page. There you’ll also find a video. 

How is your wine made? 

Hop over to “Our Story” + watch the video. 

How does the calorie count in non-alc wines compare with alcoholic wines?

Calories are calculated the same as within any other product, maybe just a bit simpler. As there is no conversion needed from alcohol. So only from the residual and added sugar. Hop over to our Discover our wines for specific metrics. 

Can I drink Lautus Wines wine while pregnant?

Check with your healthcare provider.  

Will de-alcoholised wine affect me like alcoholic wine?

Not at all, all the negative effects of wine come from the alcohol. Not only will you avoid a hangover, you’ll also avoid the skin drying effects of alcohol, and get a good night’s sleep. 

What impact does your unique terroir have on each wine?and why do you source grapes from the different regions and what flavour notes do they bring to the wine? 

Please hop to our "Discover our wines” page. You’ll learn all about each of our wines.  

Are you Kosher?


What sizing/packaging options are available?  

750ml bottles 

250ml cans